Support your local pregnancy resource center

What: Walk with moms in need by supporting your local pregnancy resource center!

Why: Pregnancy resource centers are on the front lines of the pro-life movement. They work tirelessly to support women in need, and they need are support. False narratives have been perpetrated by the media and culture, but we know the truth-- pregnancy resources centers are doing heroic work! Will you step up to back these great organizations? 

There are over 80 pregnancy resource centers throughout the sate. If you are not familiar with the one closest to you, follow this link:


Pick your CHALLENGE:

Before selecting a challenge, connect with your local center to determine what they are most in need of.

  • Individually donate money to your local center
  • Host a drive amongst your friends for the center's most-needed items
  • Host a parish-wide drive for material items and monetary donations
  • Host a Facebook fundraiser to collect money and broaden the awareness of these great organizations
  • Talk with your local center about volunteer opportunities, and take them up on their offer if one arises!
  • Take a tour of your local center so you can better understand what they do, and even better, bring a friend with you!

Set your GOAL: 

Depending on your challenge, you will want to set yourself a goal - whether it be financial or material. Some examples include:

  • $250, $500, $1,000, $10,000, or MORE!
  • 30 boxes of diapers (check with your local center on the most needed sizes)
  • Enough money to purchase two strollers
  • 5 infant car seats 
  • Or set your own! 

Determine your AUDIENCE:

Who do you want to join you in your monthly challenge? 

  • Just yourself! 
  • Your family and friends
  • Your parish
  • Your social media friends
  • Or whomever you want! 


Once you have an idea of how you want to step up to the challenge this month, fill in your name and information, and make sure to tell us your idea!

You can help build a Civilization of Love by sharing this movement with friends, family, neighbors, and fellow parishioners. Download social media graphics and texts and newsletter/bulletin announcements here.

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