“The future is in your hearts and in your hands. God is entrusting to you the task, at once difficult and uplifting, of working with Him in the building of the civilization of love.” - Pope St. John Paul II

What is a Civilization of Love? 

John Paul II was a strong encourager of building a Civilization of Love during his pontificate. At a time when our world is quickly depreciating the value of the human being and the family, JPII believed that we have to reclaim these essential foundations of society. He inspired all to live their lives rooted in love and use their talents to build up Christ's body. 

In his 1979 Encyclical Letter, Redemptor Hominis, JPII writes: "We perceive intimately that the truth revealed to us by God imposes on us an obligation. We have, in particular, a great sense of responsibility for this truth. . . . Since man's true freedom is not found in everything that the various systems and individuals see and propagate as freedom, the Church, because of her divine mission, becomes all the more the guardian of this freedom, which is the condition and basis for the human person's true dignity."

As JPII proclaims, we have a responsibility as Christians to share the revealed truth of God. We cannot simply follow the tides of culture and get swept up in the busyness of life. That will not lead to true freedom. Instead, we must always look to the Church which guards our freedom. Together as the body of Christ, we can more perfectly live out God's call to us here on earth and reflect his image to those around us. 

It is time now that we cut through the noise and build a Civilization of Love; a culture of Christians living out their vocation and sharing their gifts for the betterment of the Kingdom. Together, we can make a difference.